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    Lightbulb Need Inputs to Put Together a Web Business

    I am new to this aspect of webhosting and I am very enlighten of how diff prod. are put together to make a web business. Yet I am a real estate entreprenuer with above average tech knowledge of the common world. I know how to do basic hard coding, but that's not my agenda or in my plans. I like to put things/people together in real estate.

    ** I'm looking for ideas, suggestions, and comments **

    start a real estate investor web hosting company and real estate forum, then mortgage web host service.

    assemble the most effecient and cost effective software and service

    I've started with (amazing softwares), then into these forums.
    I've read to learn of what the basics of cpanel is.
    Read about free hosting service, pros and cons

    -- a lot of darn reading, and I believe I'm just scratching the surface of things.

    ** I'm not expecting to become an expert, but I want to how to put things toghether such as softwares, programs,... all of the elements w/o being a hardcore tech.

    Of all the products and software avail and offered, can someone tell me what is what to run a real estate web hosting business?

    --i know this sounds obscenely long, yet almost every software in here or provider says they're the best. As you can tell, this can get confusing.

    --you guys can do this in your sleep, but i don't know how to fish yet, teach how to fish.

    where to go, what to put together, what brand/provider/sw provider is effective, functional and real, not part of a scam.

    **ie: i see these co. advertise $xxx for a forum, yet on cPanel it is offered free to install one.
    --what is good? what is?

    **Spyware n Virus, etc.
    --can I be pointed to a location/article to be hack safe or hack preventative?

    **Fantastico Typical List--- what do you recommend??

    pMachine Free

    Content Management
    Mambo Open Source

    Customer Relationship
    Crafty Syntax Live Help
    Help Center Live
    PHP Support Tickets
    Support Logic Helpdesk
    Support Services Manager

    Discussion Boards

    OS Commerce
    Zen Cart


    ViPER Guestbook

    Hosting Billing
    AccountLab Plus

    Image Galleries
    4Images Gallery
    Coppermine Photo Gallery

    Mailing Lists

    Polls and Surveys
    Advanced Poll

    Project Management

    Site Builders
    Soholaunch Pro Edition
    Templates Express


    Other Scripts
    Noahs Classifieds

    thank you in advance....I'm just doing and researching the best I can to succeed

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    start a real estate investor web hosting company and real estate forum, then mortgage web host service.

    I'm a bit confused as to what you mean by "real estate investor web hosting company"...

    You want to market web hosting services to real estate investors? Seems kind of a small group of people.

    I can understand creating a forum site dealing with real estate investing issues and creating a community to bring people together... and a site offering mortgage services... but I'm not sure where becoming a web hosting company gets involved in that.

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    From my experience

    Real estate firms, most of them, use MLS systems for handling their listings. If you are thinking of hosting websites for real estate brokers, you must first address the kinds of technologies those companies typically have within their website. These range from requiring custom integration of MLS feeds from MLS data providers to adding contact forms and customer management web applications for CRM. Some of these things you may be able to get from a combination of software titles in cPanel/Fantastico, but really you're going to need an alliance with a development firm in order to be able to pull off technically this type of hosting client.

    Some typical real estat websites include mapping technologies, advanced search functions, MLS feed imports/integration, Realtor pages, contact forms and so on. The method for gaining real estate hosting customers isn't necessarily going to be in setting up a hosting firm and saying that you cater to them. You can get cPanel and Fantastico from a million hosts for $10/month. You need to build your concept of what you bring to the table that is special and make sure your customers know what that is.

    What needs to differentiate you from the others is what specifically you bring to the table. So, while I'm not being much help to you in the hosting realm, you asked about web hosting for real estate companies, so I will try to outline some sites to look in to:

    Multiple Listing Service

    This relates to commercial/licensed real estate brokers that both have some kind of MLS system and a website, often times they are integrated. This is a niche market that you, as a host, can build out 1 specialized infrastructure and codebase to solve this technical problem, then resell it over and over and over. The simply hosting aspects with email, DNS, ftp access and so on, from my experience, are not the basis to build your hosting business for this purpose.

    If you are referring to things like for sale by owner websites, then I'd take a look at the tools of the more popular websites for that market and then see how you may be able to combine some technologies like Google Maps along with MLS feed data, CRM all with cPanel access to the companies for them to manage their email addresses and the basic aspects of hosting.

    It will depend on the level of knowledge your hosting clients will have and what level of hosting/development support and services they want from you.

    I wish you well!!


    If you meant the specific market of investors for real estate properties and the building of community websites, blogs, photo galleries, portals and so on, then yes, look at what packages you think your target clients would see as valuable. Please note that running forums and other web applications from large open source software means a lot of time patching and fixing the security holes that are found, you must factor that into the mix. If this isn't something you have a staff at hand to handle, then make it a priority in your search of "managed hosting" providers.
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    * Need Inputs to Put Together a Web Business

    Correct me if i'm wrong or dont know the right lingo for "real estate investor web hosting"

    -- I want to provide a well featured website company service for real estate investor (REI) where they pay me a monthly fee-- so they can buy and sell their business (houses)--utilizing interchangeable template and customizable ones also.

    -- I've been in the REI business and know it inside and out and there is a huge community that has a lack of service. just combine tech+REI=good business

    --REI is a target market that i'm addressing to, so I know what REI wants, needs, don't have.... and willing doing it for a fair price. same goes for the mortgage business.

    --I'm here to figure out untouched techonological advantages that I do not see in the REI comm. and produce a cost effective yet quality product...

    **that's what my post is about---reaching out for help from pros such as yourself to help me get to the right direction of what's a good, decent, or bad sw/program to choose.

    so far a lot of the products of linked to Fantastico sounds great, yet there so many similar products that sounds great from reading it.

    It's, "Am I on the right track?"-- all this stuff is overwhelming, yet fun

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    * Need Inputs to Put Together a Web Business

    I appreciate the advice about the MLS.


    My clients are not trying to connect to the MLS, if they want they can get a realtor, there are avail "listing softwares" out there.. The MLS is the least of their worry or concern, as an investor we move houses fast than lightening, but thats another topic.

    As an investor, we have typically 2 sites, an acquistion "no listing" and a selling site "listing sw- we also provide diff options that MLS does not"

    I see a lot tools and components in putting web biz, yet I dont quite which foot to put forth which not to. A lot of these tools, I'm pretty someone such as yourself might have experience over with a bitter taste and good taste. That's what I want to know, b/c there are so many tools out there that I would not know where to start . Or I might get dig deep into it, just to find there next to me is a tool that covered 2 or 3 times of what i'm learning with a click.

    I am looking for an understanding on how to connect these tools together. Any help is appreciated

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    I'll just respond on ones we've used, or our customers have used and we've had good feedback on.

    Content Management
    Mambo Open Source

    Customer Relationship
    SHINE Live Help (fork off of Crafty, we really like it)

    Discussion Boards

    OS Commerce (I think this one has more integrations)
    Zen Cart

    Polls and Surveys
    PHPSurveyor (I've used this and liked it)

    Project Management

    I was surprised I didn't see any CRM on your list. I'd recommend Sugar because it has plugins that help it work with most of the above applications (Shine, Mambo, Joomla, OSCommerce) Not sure about the others.

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