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    I decided to give these guys a try. Ive mainly been using their machine for developing php so I dont have to mess with my live web host while I test my scripts. I have their 25/month pacakge and really didnt expect much for the cost.

    Ive read some reviews about them, some good, some bad, but I figured for 25/month with no setup cost whats to lose. I've had the service for right at 30 days, and had 1 down time lasting about an hour, the ticket i submitted was responded to promptly and the issue was resolved shortly thereafter.

    The service has been suprisingly solid and "extra cost" free. Given, im running a pretty old machine, but it works well for my needs.

    The throughput on their network is very consistent, Its not actually that great to my location (in missouri) I only get about 3-4 megabit off of it. A friend of mine in North dakota can max his 10megabit connection out from it even at what i would consider busy times. From texas I can get it to push about 6megabit (weird that its better to texas). In all fairness it may just be the way my isp routes data to/from seattle. Overall I would say their service is great for a west coast or centrally located website/mirror. Also their latency, while not particurally wonderful to my location (70ms) is very consistent. Ive never seen any real speed drops or latency spikes even with the distance between me and the server. Overall im very impressed with the service provided as well as the friendliness & response time of the tech support especially for the price.

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    Thank you very much for your feedback, sorry about the delay on this post, I must have missed this thread.

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    That's a sweet deal. I'm thinking of signing up soon - I hope some time you start an affiliate plan too because I could sell a few accounts like hot cakes!

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    Thanks for the review, sounds good.

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