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    Question Building a Dynamic Website and mysql

    I build a few websites for some customers mainly race tracks a some drivers sites. All of them are rather simple html pages that I update at the end of the week using my html editor and a ftp client. I was wondering if there is any software that can help convert the site so the customer may update them as well. I am no webmaster geniuses by no mean just someone trying to help out some good friends. I was told that a dynamic website is driven by a database. I am currently working on a new site and the customer (Mr Grimes) knows another guy (Jeff) that is going to convert it to a site that can be updated by anyone using a mysql. He told me all I need to do was design the site and (Jeff) would take care of the rest. I talked to the guy that is suppose to convert the website (Jeff) but he didn't help much. He just told me that it had to be coded and was very hard. I have done some searching with google but I really would not know what I am looking for or if any software would make it easier. I am not looking to cut the guy out I just want to know for my own benefit. It would be good if some of my customers were able to update their own sites when I was not around.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Basically your page would have to connect to the mysql database and pull out the text.

    Say you have a "Number of sales" piece of text in the website.
    You'd retrieve this information from the mysql database and display it.
    Same thing applies for any other value you want to change dynamically.

    Then you'd need to make an administrator interface, a simple password-protected admin.php file.

    This file would load all the possible values in their own textboxes for the administrator of the site to edit. Once he changes the values in the boxes, he presses the save button, wich writes all the values to the mysql database.
    As soon as it's done. All new data is displayed on the site.

    It's not really complicated, just a little time consuming to code it.

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    What you are looking for is called CMS (Content Management System) and there is bunch of open source ones out there.

    Decent development houses usually have some kind of their own framework they use for building the sites. That framework would have interfaces for editing "static" content, news and events, product catalog and so on. Building such framework from scratch would be long and daunting task.

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    I've been working with Joomla/Mambo for 3+ years now, those are two great CMS with tons of extensions/components for various functionality.
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    I have looked at xoops but found it a little complicated at 1st glance.. I may look into the others as mentioned.

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