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    Newbie question about dedicated vs. managed


    I've been using regular hosts for a long time, but now I was considering getting a dedicated server. However, I'm not sure how much sys admin work would I have to do... And what does a managed dedicated offer?

    I'm mostly a developer, so not very skilled in administration. I need .Net, SQL Server, MySQL, unlimited domains, a web control panel with different users, online stats, web mail...

    Do I need a dedicated server for this, or could I go for something shared or managed? I'm looking to spend $150-180/month.

    Thank you,
    Chris F

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    From the looks of it, you will want a windows based server. Since you say your not a very skilled admin, you should be looking at a managed dedicated server or at the very least, an un-managed server with a 3rd party to take care of you administration needs.

    A managed server is one where the provider usually does all of the administration work. (the definition of managed varies by provider) Do a lot of reading here in the forums, and ask lots of questions to the potential hosts that you might want to use. Better to get whats covered and whats not out in the open before you purchase rather than after, as most dedicated providers dont offer refunds.

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