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    Question VPS Host w/ Private VLAN

    I was considering using a VPS host for a multi box web app my company will be working on.

    Ideally all the VPS instances would be part of a private VLAN for speed and security. It would also be nice if there were no bandwidth costs for VLAN activity and even better if the machines could pool their bandwidth costs.

    Does anyone know of any VPS hosts which might offer these features?

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    That'll be difficult as the hardware will probably only have 2 ethernet ports and these will be shared with the other VPS's
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    Seems you are scarred about spoofing IPs? I'm not sure how virutozzo works, but for Xen, you will have anti-spoofing facilities. Meaning that it's impossible for a VPS to take-over the IP of another if it's well configured. Also, most hosting companies have a VLAN setup for them, otherwise it would be a mess.

    If my answer is not what you expected, then I think you should post again, because what you ask don't seem very clear.

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    For Virtuozzo (and OpenVZ) the provider assigned the IP's the VE so its not possible for a customer to steal. What you are looking for can be done on the correct network setup if people bill at the border of the network but if they bill on the host machine level then it could become difficult.

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    Its all going through a virtual nic translation layer even if the IP was in its own VLAN

    from what I have seen VZ doesn't care much what VLAN an IP address is in as long as it has the main host node setup it just works. So in the end all the data is still going through the host node "router"

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    You mentioned you're looking for this setup for 2 reasons; security and not getting billed for internal usage.

    On Virtuozzo, you won't have to worry about the security as long as the host puts their VPS IPs in one big vlan for that server (or all VPS servers), as Virtuozzo makes sure that customers cannot hijack IP space. I'm not sure how this works on Xen but I'd figure it works similarly.

    As for bandwidth accounting; that will be difficult, as Virtuozzo's bandwidth accounting system doesn't distinguish the destination (or source) of the traffic. The only way to seperate internal traffic from external would be if the host uses a custom made bandwidth accounting system which looks at the destination and source of the traffic for every single packet, and I very much doubt that any company is using anything like that as I can imagine something like that would have quite a large overhead - and probably costs more than it would save you in bandwidth expenses.

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    Ideally all the VPS instances would be part of a private VLAN for speed and security. It would also be nice if there were no bandwidth costs for VLAN activity and even better if the machines could pool their bandwidth costs.
    Do you mean you are looking for a dedicated server provider who will sell you a few dedicated servers running Virtuozzo in one VLAN and will bill you for the bandwidth of all your Virtuozzo Nodes (dedicated servers) together at switch-level instead of per-server? You can then create X VPS's per node depending on the Virtuozzo license your provider or you buy/install.
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    This can be easily achieved by using Virtuozzo's network classes and the provider setting their subnets to be part of network class 0.
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