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    Anyone have any experience using WordPress? Tell me why you like or dislike it. Any flaws or drawn back capabilities?


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    I like that it's easy to setup and start writing content immediatly.

    I don't like that it tends to kill your webserver if you get dugg or slashdotted.
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    Like schmeg007 has said Wordpress is every good program. The thing i like the best is the theme they have for it. They some really good designs. I have also used b2evolution which is pretty similar to Wordpress. But at the end of the day. You can't go wrong with Wordpress.

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    It is all about your preference, wordpress is very easy to use and once you used to the backend of wordpress admin panel, it is very hard to switch
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    It's pretty flexible in designing themes for wordpress since you can just code css to have a new theme layout. It's also great using it as a cms for a website. I've been running my blog with it for a couple of years now and quite happy with it.
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    Wordpress is awesome support and plugins are great I like it more then my Joomla blog and it is optimized wordpress that is for seo better.

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    Yep, wordpress is awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rllunzmann
    Anyone have any experience using WordPress? Tell me why you like or dislike it. Any flaws or drawn back capabilities?

    I think lots of people use it.

    I can't say that I have much experience with others, but my experience with WordPress the past few years has been great. Heck, if I can skin it, anyone can!

    There are plugins galore to help you get just what you want.
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