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    Newbie in linux system

    I am planning to start linux hosting but don't have much knowledge about linux Operating system... Please suggest me can I do this without having sufficient knowledge of linux background ???

    Also please suggest me some good links from where I can get basic linux command and some kind of flash tutorials from which I get to know how to do work in Appache and dns etc.

    Right now don't know how to download tar file using Terminal, can anyone please suggest me

    Thanks you

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    Personally, I would not suggest going into Linux hosting without knowing anything about Linux or having somebody at hand who can help you out. I used to work for a hosting company where a lot of resellers were thoroughly ignorant of the basics of working in Linux and so they'd simply drop all their server management needs on Support. Of course, if you have that kind of Support to fall back on, I guess you could do it. But my advice would be to first do some research, install Linux locally and play with it and have some knowledge of Linux. It is no fun when you're groping around in the dark

    As far as references go, just type in "Linux command reference" in Google and you'll get plenty of links. I believe has some good Linux command references as well.

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    If you are just starting linux hosting, then the best method is to start with a reseller package. If you think that you need root access, then go for a webhost that provide the full server management, since you are a newbiee in Linux.

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    Hi terry, you can start by finding a vps solution (see the VPS Forum for more information). And on the linux side, probably try going to or just google Good luck!!
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    For apache , you can visit

    For dns , you can visit

    The easy way to learn linux is 'install any flaour of linux ( prefer centos or fedora) in your home computer and start learning

    Your best firend will be google. try googling for anything on linux.
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    Thank you very much guys

    Right now I am playing with RH enterprise, and google really helping me.

    the command which I was looking for is like


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    some commands from me to you

    free -m (see ram usage)
    top -c (see top running processes)
    who (who is currently connected to ssh)
    whoami (who is me? My username. root is the root )
    last -ai (shows last logged IPs on the machine.)

    I think you are looking for comands like this, not?
    But operating a server is more than these

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