The company I had been working with for almost four years has let me go due to financial reasons. I'm now in need of a job badly as I'm in a lurch.

Available: Mon-Friday can work weekends, work pretty much any shift although I prefer 1st or 2nd shifts. Full time preference will take part time as well.
Salary: Hourly wage preferred $12.00 or higher depending on duties involved.

I have a diverse knowledge of the web hosting business. My particular duties included routine checkup on server health, services and uptime, scanning resume's for new employment when needed, training, security, updates/patches, monitoring services and network, escalated issues between other remote staff and noc technicians. My weekly average hours were 48-53 hours. Our software mostly Cpanel and linux (redhat, fedora, centos), virtuozzo and some plesk. All colocated with some staff on site. Company name will remain anonymous for the moment. Previous employer can be contacted for reference.

If you have an opening somewhere for Level I/II support with some system administration involved as well I would be interested however I'm not to picky at the moment considering I need work

Other exposure include mod_security, phpsuexec, virtuozzo for linux, gresecurity for kernels, nagios w/nrpe and cacti monitoring, heavy exposure to cpanel and fantastico. Vmware for testing different linux material (mostly for kernel stuff) Good with all Windows operating systems, still learning server portion yet but have some general experience with it.

Email Address: [email protected]