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    Automatic default page from pointing nameservers, question...

    Is there any way to have a default page setup on my server for anything that is pointed at my nameservers? I find it kind of tedious setting up accounts for all of my domains, and was wondering if there was some kind of error redirect or something that would make everything land on a default page (without creating an account). I'm on a VPS with CPanel/WHM.

    I want everything thats pointing to and to go to a default page without having to actually setup an account for it. How do I do it?

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    I noticed no one has answered, does this even exist?

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    not the server-level answer you asked for, but if these are all your own domains, could you could set up redirects at the registrar? set up one domain with the landing page, and just redirect the others to it.

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    I could, but for that I might as well just set up the accounts on the server. So I could at least view stats. A lot of registrars let you use your default nameservers for all registrations automatically. I thought since it's already pointing at my server, it would be cool to have it land on a default page until I have time to make any adjustments and setup a site.

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