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    * Is there a need for hosting police - Problem with globalization

    Hi, I really need some honest feedback about my company... I want to expand but not sure I can, so if you think i should close up my business please LET ME KNOW!

    My company is based out of Brasil where we moderate primarily illegal and innapropriate photographic and video content for hosting companies. We have a program that takes screen shots of the moderator's workstation and also a ticket system that can integrate with a host's existing systems. Fortunately standards of living are increasing in my country so we are competitive with ~700 USD/month for full time (40 hrs per week) of work.
    Is this something that larger hosts based out of the US and UK would be interested in?? Or do they go to cheaper countries like China where I cant even compete with their price?



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    I personally don't see much for demand in that respect.
    Just my opinion though!
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    Agreed with the previous post - a lot of this is done in-house.

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    It may be just me, but I completely do not understand the nature of that company what so ever.

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    I don't either. I think you'll find this will be hard to sell to any host. The last thing we look for is another task, and even more so you open yourself to legal issues because right now illegal content is dealt with on a case by case scenario, usually being notified by a copyright holder or other entitiy. By addressing things like you'd be doing we are essentially claiming full responsibility of all the data in customer sites.

    I know the last thing I'd do is even allow someone else in my company to monitor anything.
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