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Thread: am I banned?

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    Thumbs down am I banned?

    Yesterday I posted a message regarding GO2PANEL, a control panel which we developed. It was properly posted to "Hosting Software and Control Panels" and main idea was to get feedback from users, nothing to advertise.

    Now i see it is removed. Can someone tell me what the hell makes it banned? Web Hosting
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    I'm right behind you.
    Well if you'll read the rules - you can't really talk about your own products in this forum - you may do so only in the advertising section..

    Am I right Chicken?
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    I do not sell any sort of control panel.
    The reason for the post was just to find out a better panel and create a thread where pros/cons of control panels are discussed...

    May Chicken help me do this as he/she is being the god. Web Hosting
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    Suggest you read the rules.

    Participants may not use the forum to publish or discuss any information regarding their product or services, or future (possible) products or services, or any product or services they are, or have been, associated with. This includes, but not limit to suggesting your own services, or services of partners or family.

    And I don't think insulting Chicken will not help your cause.

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    well, no need to discuss what is commercial or not. even some are completely unaware of my original post.

    I am with a new post that has almost the same aim with the banned one.

    Any comments would be appreicated... Web Hosting
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    Originally posted by unilay
    . . . . . . .

    Any comments would be appreicated...
    Without having seen your first thread, it would be difficult to comment on why it was removed.
    If you want to know why, the best thing to do is to email moderators and ask.
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    Currently, we do not permit users to list their own URLs, no matter what they are, on the main forums. That sort of thing is limited to the advertising forums and your signature.

    While your URL is not commercial, there have been 'public service' sites or parts of sites which have started out non-commercial and gone the way of the dollar. Now, we're not saying that is going to happen to your site, however it is easier for us to prohibit all self postings of URLs than it is for us to make exceptions, explain those exceptions to other members, and monitor the URLs to be sure they remain non-commercial.

    Your new post may stay, but note that if your control panel was commercial, your current post would be removed (as it is asking members what features they'd like and we only permit that in the ad forums).

    There is a system and I realize it might be confusing, however if you have any questions, feel free to email us (address at the bottom of every page). - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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