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    Lightbulb Free Direct Admin. Save 25% 40% 45% Off. VPS starting at $3.15/Month.

    **** New Year Special ****
    Free Direct Admin on VPS Plans "B" & "C"

    VPS "a"
    (DirectAdmin not available on this plan). This package is great for secondary Name Servers or secondary E-Mail Servers.
    Disk Space: 1GB
    Bandwidth: 75GB
    RAM: 64
    IP: 1
    Quantity left: 25
    Click To Order - $3.15/month - Coupon: save25always0
    Click To Order - $32.13/year-Pre-Pay 1 year and get a total of 40% off - Coupon: save25always0
    Click To Order - $60.48/2years - Pre-Pay 2 years and get a total of 45% off -Coupon: save25always0

    VPS "A"
    Disk Space: 15GB
    Bandwidth: 250GB
    RAM: 128
    IP: 1
    Quantity left: 14
    Click To Order - $11.25/month - Coupon: save25always1
    Click To Order - $114.75/year - Pre-Pay 1 year and get a total of 40% off - Coupon: save25always1
    Click To Order - $216.00/2years - Pre-Pay 2 years and get a total of 45% off -Coupon: save25always1

    VPS "B"
    Direct Admin Free Reccuring
    Disk Space: 25GB
    Bandwidth: 500GB
    RAM: 256
    IP: 1
    Quantity left: 9
    Click To Order - $22.50/month - Coupon: save25always2
    Click To Order - $229.50/year - Pre-Pay 1 year and get a total of 40% off - Coupon: save25always2
    Click To Order - $432.00/2years - Pre-Pay 2 years and get a total of 45% off -Coupon: save25always2

    VPS "C"
    Direct Admin Free Recurring
    Disk Space: 45GB
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    RAM: 384 - Not even on our site yet. WHT viewers only....
    IP: 3
    Quantity left: 7
    Click To Order - $33.75/month - Coupon: save25always3
    Click To Order - $344.25/year - Pre-Pay 1 year and get a total of 40% off - Coupon: save25always3
    Click To Order - $648.00/2years - Pre-Pay 2 years and get a total of 45% off -Coupon: save25always3

    Do you offer any webcontrol panel like Virtuozzo?
    We offer the Vizzo control panel. Vizzo is developed by our friends over at Ten Ships.

    Vizzo currently only works in FireFox or Internet Explorer 7.
    Internet Explorer 6 coming soon.
    You can demo Vizzo here:
    Username: [email protected]
    Password: vizzotest
    You can stop, start, restart, set hostname, reset root password and view MRTG images.

    What control panel choices do you offer?
    We offer DirectAdmin. We will however install Cpanel if you provide your own license.

    Operating Systems:
    (just place in your comment when ordering default is CentOS 4)

    How long will it take to setup my account?
    Normal account setup is 10 minutes or less. If your order was scores high on our order verification system it will be pending for 24 hours or less.

    Do you offer the full amount of ram offered on your plans?
    Why would we take what you pay for? You will always get the full guaranteed ram.

    Can I get additional IPs?
    Yes. Each additional ip is $2/month with no setup fees. Adding additional ips is instant and there is no downtime to your server when adding or removing additional ips.

    Will my OS count against my disk space? Your operating system files will count against your disk space. Operating system footprints vary between 125-500 megabytes.

    Can I upgrade to another plan later?
    At any time you may upgrade your VPS through your Billing Control panel. There is no downtime to upgrade your VPS we will apply the new settings behind the scenes.

    Can you make me a custom VPS?
    Just ask. We try to meet everyone's needs.

    Is adult content allowed?
    As long as your content is legal inside of the United States.

    Is IRC allowed?
    We do not allow hosting of IRC servers of any sort. This include bouncers, bots, and daemons.

    Can I torrent or host torrents?
    We do not allow torrenting of any kind on our virtual private servers.

    Can I upgrade my kernel?
    OpenVZ does not allow for any kernel modifications. You will be running a variant of Linux 2.6 which is the latest Linux kernel.

    Is there an easy way to restore the VPS to its original state?
    You simply create a ticket and we will do it for you.

    What is the port speed of each VPS?

    Could I have a download file and test IP?

    Do you take backups?
    We have weekly incremental snapshots(every sunday night).

    What VPS technology do you use?

    Can I get Webmin preinstalled?
    It will not be automatic but if you mention it when you sign up in the comment box we will get it installed for you. - How big is your box?

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    How does secundary mail servers work ?

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    You can have a secondary mail server to handle your mail when your primary Mail server is down. ( this would be setup and configured by yourself or server admin) - How big is your box?

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    When I try to order a plan vps c, directadmin costs 10$, it's normally ?


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    Normally when ordering Direct Admin it is $5/Month. We are giving that free until the 14th, just place in the comment box when signing up that you would like DA installed instead of adding it on through the order form. - How big is your box?

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