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    Suggestions on Shopping Cart w/ coupons and gift certs.


    Can you can suggest a few good shopping cards that will accept coupsons and gift certificates? I am currently using ClientExec for a non-web hosting business, and we are outgrowing what it can do.

    Basically need it to be able to run through 2Checkout and PayPal. Plus it needs to be able to accept discounted coupons, gift certificates etc... Would be nice to have a feature where people can select add-ons, and it will update the price etc..

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    Free Oscommerce? Google it. Everything is supported. A an alternative you
    may use Google Checkout (however paypal is supported too

    Hope this helps.

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    If you notice, most everyone that recommends osCommerce around here is either a noob or they are offering some sort of product or service based on osCommerce in their signature.

    In some cases they are both.

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    For more features try C.R.E Loaded which based on Oscommerce engine.

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    If you want to use an open source cart I would recommend Zen-Cart. They have good support forums as well. If you want to buy the software your choices open up to another level.

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    I recommend osCommerce, as they have huge amount of contributions compare to Zen-Cart or C.R.E Loaded.
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