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    You Need Hits? $1/Day Can Do Just That
    That is my site and im bringing in over 1500 unique hits a day. I have decided to let people put their banners on the main page (one i already located there, you may go look) and have them rotate with the other paying customers for only $1/day or $25/month. If you do not believe me I can refer you to people who have had great improvements in site hits due to advertising on my site. If you have any more questions or anything feel free to contact me. [email protected]

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    What are you doing moving around different banners so the banner we would receive would be like the one you currently have for expert hosting?
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    I did email you the other day and you ignored my email...
    So guess what .. You get no money!


    Didn't really care for your site anyhow..
    (mainly cuz ya were self promoting in some other guys thread were he was trying to sell a template!)
    Just seemed like a good way to spend a dollar.... LMAO
    I saved a dollar! THANK YOU!

    ps: OKIHost... HuH?
    Nothing Special: True Archive , just my lil archive for fun... maybe turn into something more?

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    Your Choice

    If you do not want to get hits then that is your choice. I'm jut offering a cheap service to people who want hits. Thats all, nothing more and nothing less.

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