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Thread: Mambo themes

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    Mambo themes

    Could you explain the order of things, PHP-nuke, php platinum, Mambo, joomla etc.

    disadvantages? avantages?

    wanting to create a new gaming site BF2 and BF2142.
    hoping to create a site like no other on the net for a clan/gaming site.

    thanks for info

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    Im using Joomla which is basically Mambo

    I have used PHP Nuke before and found it un-useable in my experience. It can be resource intensive and quite tricky to skin to your own requirements.

    Currently i am using Joomla on all the sites i design, unless the client states otherwise, and have found it extremley user friendly and a great experience all together.

    Creating themes for Joomla is simple if you know what your doing, you need to download the dreamweaver joomla plug in

    This should also help. Its what i used when i was first starting out with Joomla Just skip the MSAS bit :p

    You really need to experiment with each one to find out which one will meet your needs. To easily test them all download EasyPHP ( this creates a webserver with php and mysql already installed. (will save you uploading them to a web server)

    hope that helps.
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    for the info

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