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    Why close and delete threads ?

    I wanted to express my view on one thread that gets closed and while I am replying to the new one it gets deleted. Don't you want to hear all views ? people have different ones and if you decide to pick and choose then its not open discussions really is it. I wanted to express mine on the original thread so this is my own thoughts on it. Just because the hosting owner replied it doesn't necesarily make it right. I didn't see it that way.

    Originally Posted by a2b2"
    - distribute, or make available in any way to any party intellectual property that requires some method of authorization to sell or distribute, which you do not have."

    and looking over some of the content I stand by my choice. I asked 2 other people what they though, one a staff member, one another business owner and they both said they would terminate. Adding on to the top of this I take offence at the works "fricking" and "bull ****" which in my opinion have no place in professional communications such as that I would expect on tickets.

    There is absolutely nothing on that site that distributes or makes any partial intellectual property available nothing at all that I saw.

    To me this looks unprofessional by the hosting owner to remove that site as appears this person just got in a heated discussion and decided to show he was the boss by using unethical methods that hurts little site operators. This bully mentality is a hugh turn off as the hosting owner should not have look for a non issue reason to suspend the site account like he did. It looks like the site operator was just trying to accert his rights and was punnish for no reason. Too often hosting owners look for a reason like going to their TOS to justify improper actions that will have others says then it was ok. It is not but rather a shame in my humble opinion.
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    Threads can be closed for various reasons. For instance, this one is being closed with instructions to contact the help desk to discuss why threads are closed.
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