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    move db from linux to windows

    i want to move my db to windows server so

    i backup db using (in linux server)
    HTML Code:
    mysqldump -u root -p123  zode > backup/b_zode.sql

    when i restored db using (in windows server)
    mysql -u root -p123 zode < backup/b_zode.sql

    characters are bad (like or A1/2)

    how can i solve this problem ?

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    hmm i did a few times of moving db from linux to windows and vice versa, never run into bad chars.

    can you try opening your b_zode.sql using a wordpad in windows?
    Are the chars there scrambled with a bunch of weird characters?
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    The problem here seems to be with encoding. What language is your Windows server in? Try to do the following(on WinXP it's like this):
    Start->Settings->Control Panel->Regional and Language Options->Languages->Details->Advanced-> at the Compatibility Configuration sections check the Extend support of advanced text services to all programs checkbox -> Ok&reboot

    If this doesn't work you may try to move the DB directly from the Linux server to the Windows one without dumping it and copying to the Windows server. Execute this on the Linux server:
     mysqldump -uroot -p123  zode | mysql -hIP_OF_THE_WINSERVER -uroot  -p123 zode
    Before doing this you will need to allow the root MySQL username to connect from the Linux server to the Windows one.
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