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    Managed IT Servers from Strasburg Technology

    Your success is our business.

    Its not about best practices, it’s about service geared towards your individual business needs. We can tailor a management program specific to your business and create a plan that fits your goals and overall strategies.

    What is our goal?

    • Provide Reliable platforms for your business to succeed
    • Provide timely service & response
    • Be aware of our customer needs and create solutions with awareness towards them.

    Please feel free to contact us for your free initial consultation.

    Tired of Break fix response? Need to grow quickly? Want to create an IT strategy that fits your business plan? Want to revamp your services? Want to lower/manage your costs? Want to free up time so you can focus on your business and let the pros work?

    We don’t just manage your IT systems we manage your IT assets. Let us help you optimize your customer experience, compete on the internet, create better awareness of your brands & services and distinguish yourself from your competition. IT isn’t just Technology its Information Awareness.

    With our free consultation we will discuss a plan and budget that works with your business. We specialize in unique services tailored to your needs. You can visit our website to see package deals/one off services as we create them - part ouf our "foundation services" building blocks we will be launching.

    Call 800-928-0129
    Email: [email protected]

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    I hate updating my own thread, but i have been approached/PM'd several times by "startups" or small hosts.

    If you are agreeable, incorporated and have what we would consider a sound business concept we would be willing to take an equity position in your company in lieu of immediate pay and provide our services (and then some). As an equity position we would become a stake holder in your business and it would be in both our interests for great success. Hope that answers some of the questions!

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