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    Easyspace - Stay Well Clear!!!


    This is incredible but true.

    I registered a domain ages ago with these useless pups.

    One day I decided to set up my website and host the site elsewhere. On 11 June I paid Easyspace to point my domain at my webhost servers.

    The Easyspace website states this takes between 24-48 hours.

    Because of that I went ahead and paid for my new webhosting service and confirmed to site sponsors etc., the site would be up within 3 days.

    We are now 16 days on and they have the domain pointing at their own servers instead of my webhost.

    I'm paying for web-hosting I cannot use and have lost my sponsor.

    I have emailed Easyspace via different methods 7 times now (via website and via a contact who gave me his email address, and promised me he'd answer in future within 3-4 hours) and the majority of the time I get automated replies or no reply at all.

    One person responded to a complaint once ... but although they claimed they'd done the work ... a traceroute proves otherwise, or that it was done incorrectly.

    I warned them 2 days ago that if nobody responded to my complaint I would begin telling the public so they can make their own decisions about whether to use them or not.

    The fact I am here now tells you they do not listen.

    Maybe they will soon.

    I would advise anybody to go elsewhere. They are clearly well capable of high profile advertising, but do not care about meeting demand and/or customer requirements.

    The overall picture as far as I can see is they want your money but don't expect anything in return.

    I prefer not to waste my time doing this sort of public announcement but feel anybody considering using these people should be aware of their ill-equipped set-up.

    Craig Burgess

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    I stay well clear of them anyway, I think its disgusting that they charge for just about everything on top of the registration fee, A client of mine had their domain with them and I had to pay just to change the DNS, and I see you have to pay for fowarding (non-popup/advert) e-mail, everything, its not like their the cheapest to start with. I use and (neither perfect but not bad)

    Good luck fighting them


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    One of my clients had 2 domains with them at I had nothing but problems with them when trying to move the domains to a different host. For each thing I wanted to do, I had to pay 10 pounds! eventually, we got so sick of their bad website, bad service and outrages cost that we moved the names to as they have good service, (actually respnd to my emails!!).

    Anyone thinking of using easyspace, DON'T!! You've been warned.

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