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    * [Wanted] Programmer/Developer - LAMP, Ajax, JS +

    Hi WHT Members,

    I am looking to the East (India) and parts of Europe to fill this position which will be full time work based on per-project. Honesty this is due to payment terms. Generally $5-$15 per hour.

    The work will cover many aspects of web development but mainly focus on general programming of new or existing sites. We are not looking for a developer but just a programmer - someone who can quickly create and construct based on provided documentation and workflow examples.

    PHP (High level)
    MySQL (High level)
    HTML (High Level)
    xHTML/CSS (Moderate - major advantage)
    JavaScript (Moderate to High)
    Ajax (major advantage)

    Platform advantages:

    vBulletin / PHPBB

    You may also have had exposure to Ruby on Rails and more advanced programming and scripting languages or techniques. Ideally you are a freelancer, looking for extra work or a servent of another development company providing outsourced solutions.

    Please PM only or leave a message here with your contact details. I will try to reply to everyone. I might also add that portfolios or examples of work including testimonials are highly regarded.

    I will also be cosidering contacting applicants via phone once i have established internet contact to confirm identities and make sure you are who you say you are.


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    I cannot PM you since I just signed up here and I have to have some posts before I'm able to PM somebody. However, I am an IT professional with over 15 years of experience and I have worked as product manager, systems analyst, developer and systems administrator. I am proficient with a variety of programming languages and technologies and take pains to keep up with the latesttrends in IT. You can see a (slightly outdated) resume of mine over at and you will also find some examples of other projects that I've done for clients over there.

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    Please contact me at manish (-dot-) singh (-at-) gmail (-dot-) com to discuss further.


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    Hi, i have been lurking for some time and may not have the status to recieve a PM or send one. Please continue to reply and I will get back to most of you within a day or so to see if we can work together.


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    To clear some questions up.

    Yes, Ruby on Rails is highly desired.

    No, design skill not required but an analytical eye for detail is.

    This is not a design coding/slicing position, you will be working with production mateirals not producing them.


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    Do you still need a Ruby on Rails Developer? I can hel you if you are interested.


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