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    Different NameServer IPs?

    I did ping the nameservers, [] []

    And this is when I added a new domain in Cpanel.
    Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Bind reconfiguring on serverprovider using rndc
    Created DNS entry for

    Should it really be 2 different nameserver IPs?

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    What is your problem?

    Most domain registars require 2 different ip's in 2 different c-class ip-ranges

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    Yes, but take a look at the IPs. Why does it say for NS1 and for NS2. And when I add a domain in Cpanel it says
    "Using nameservers with the following IPs:,"

    Shoul'nt be or vice versa?

    Because NS2 seem to use the same IP...

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    Edit the dns zone for the domain

    and change the ns1 A entry to will solve your problem.
    Reverse engineering Rocks

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    Did you also update it at the registrar?

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