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    experiences with these online incorporation firms?

    they have a really great price, but I dunno if they are shady are not.

    looks good, cost a little more but more professional looking

    any idea? also, is the cost for a foreign national to register a company in the US the same as a US citizen? (if I did it myself, i speaking of the state fees and such)

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    If you are not US citizen - the filling fees should be the same, but the shipping may be higher (depends what shipping method they offer). Have you checked out web site? They are maybe a bit more expensive, maybe not - depends what you really want

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    798 is another place that look good, they had quick support back when I was enquiring.
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    I've never used an online company for anything like that. I wonder how good they are.

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    wahoo! time to file, baby!
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    The thing you have to remember, is that most of these places do not process all the paperwork that is needed to run a legit business. They get you started with the basic's but things such as tax forms and various tax filings. Not to mention some of the state filings that might be required.

    So make sure you do your research since they usually don't cover everything necessary.
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