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    programmer needed on standby....
    skills needed

    1)slice psd into xhtml/html/css or FLASH
    2) php mysql
    3) podcasting, videoblogs,streaming ( FLASH or HTML front end)
    4) fast worker and reliable references, good portfolios

    has a cellphone that can accept/make phone calls as well as send/receive sms from ANYWHERE around the world.

    and of course, affordable.....Im no banker.

    Pm me PLEASE....... be nice...


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    I cannot Pm here so please post your email id so that i can contact you.

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    We've sent you an PM, please take a look.

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    I also need a programer and didn't want to repost. My request is identical to the original posters, add me to msn I need a programmer.


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    Any programmer that fits the above specs, can also contact me with their details and hourly rate.

    I normally have two programmers that I keep busy. One has moved on to other work and I need someone to fill the breech. I do a lot of script installs, work with Joomla mostly and create a lot of websites.

    I can be emailed at intouch-oz <at> hotmail <dot> com or contacted by PM. Let me know what country you are in so that I can work out time differential. Hourly rate is important and your realm of experience.


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