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    We just got a new box and tried out this Ensim, so far we are not completely happy with it and heard it was less then secure and you need to go thru ensim to get patches.

    Is it worth it to have this? And if not, how hard is it to uninstall on a RH7.2 box?


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    Ensim was getting on my nerves, it so limited compared other control panels. We were going to install WebAdmin - but that was going so slow, and we stoped becuase ensim kinda grew on us. You can actually do it all with ensim - just harder to find out where and how.

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    Yes, I can see the flexiability in Ensim, but I have used webmin before and that is what my partner wants to use, our main concern with Ensim is... is it securable? We have heard reports, and we are unable to updated to latest apache because of Ensims rh like rpm's, that it is unsecure. Does anyone have feedback on this? Are we better off just to ditch Ensim and use webmin and if so... how do you get rid of Ensim

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    ensim is great, 3.1 will work for rh 7.2. Easily customisable and you can now create skins. It can look like whta ever you want, you can retrive info from the cookie and create addons. Its awsome after a few tweaks.
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    I don't like all kinds of control panels since they all are insecure, but if you're running hosting then it is only needed I think
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    what's the ensim homepage?
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    they have released a patch for the apache vulnerability, available from their web site. install the patch and you should be fine.

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    Yea, they keep making patches and addons like the new skin adodon

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    Why don't you check out Sphera? They have a new Linux download that you can test drive for a month.

    Here's the link:

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    Ensim still hasn't got proper subdomain support, after so many requests for it ughh

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    We just decided to get rid of Ensim and use webmin, we are currently working on a custome interface for our users. We just did not have the control we wanted with Ensim and their insistance of using specialized packages.

    Thank you all for your answers.

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    You can't use webadmin for the same thing as Cpanel can you?

    I mean a panel for your hosting clients to use not just administration?

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    No, webmin is for admin use only. But we can design our own portal for our users to use for alot less then $1400 that CPanel thinks it deserves and still have all the functionality of it.

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    So it's like "Where's the beef?"

    "Where's the portal?"

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    Webmin was never meant to be anything but a straightforward admin control panel.
    It does it very nice.

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    "Ensim still hasn't got proper subdomain support, after so many requests for it ughh "
    I actually wrote my own. However it requires the admin to enter domains in a new control panel. so it can add specs to database and will subtract space, bw, etc from main account and add it to new account.
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