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    receive lot of bounce email


    some of site at our servers receive many bounce email
    seems spamers use those domains as a sender or use sendmail php function in some scripts at accounts

    how we can avoid this?


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    If you are using Cpanel

    1. WHM -> tweak settings -> Enable Track the origin of messages sent though the mail server by adding the X-Source headers (exim 4.34+ required)

    2. WHM -> tweak settings -> Prevent the user "nobody" from sending out mail to remote addresses

    You should use :fail: in your Default Address catchall aliases as :fail: sends a rejection notice to the sending SMTP server during the RCPT stage of the SMTP connection - these are not bounce emails to the sender as such. Things to check for in the /etc/valiases/* files:

    1. Don't use :blackhole:

    2. Don't use /dev/null

    3. Make sure none of the email accounts on the server are over their mail quota, if they are either remove them or empty them

    4. Make sure none of the cPanel accounts are over their disk quota

    This usually rules out most actual bounces which the above 4 can generate.
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    I have the same problem, started yesterday with one of my domains.
    1) Started receiving spam (image format)
    2) Looks like my email addresses are now sending spam and I’m receiving the bounces.

    Running on a shared windows helm server.

    Is there anyway to prevent this?

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    same, how to prevent this?

    i tried the tweak setting, will update how it goes.

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