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    Suggestions needed:Celeron D 64 bit Maximising Performance


    I have a Celeron D 64 bit enabled, 533Mhz FSB 2.66 GHz processor server with 2GB RAM & 80 GB SATA II drive. This has 64 bit CentOS loaded with 64 bit Mysql5.

    Reading from Intel doc for the CPU, using 64 bit processing will have much faster access to main memory and reduces harddrive caching to large extent.

    Worth mentioning facts
    1) I do not need large hard drive as my current and future requirements can easily suffice with even 18GB hard drive.
    2) All of the applications that are supposed to run here , has 64 bit support.

    I was wondering
    1) to what sort of User load I can expose this config to.
    2) What other optimization I can further do like getting second harddrive with RAID and transfer mysql onto second disk? How far this help further?

    Please do suggest you most valuable suggestions.

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    The limiting factor in the overall performance of this machine is likely to be the processor - the celeron only has 256K of L2 cache especially if you do not have a huge database. There aren't many situations in which it is worth expanding memory/disk hardware in such a machine.

    If your applications are data intensive, optimising the indexes and getting the buffer sizes set appropriately so you get good hit ratios for the mysql caches is a good way to improve performance.

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