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    DRAC in PowerEdge 1750

    Just picked up some used Dell PE 1750's, and was planning to add Drac's in them, but I can't seem to find which drac to use. Anyone that has any experience with this model?

    Talked with a salesperson at Dell, first he didn't seem to know what Drac was, and after a while he came back to me with Drac IV which fits into PE1850. He belived it also should fit into 1750, but I don't belive that.

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    Ask your Dell rep to have a tech guy contact you as they should certainly be able to tell you which one you need.

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    The PE1750's use the Drac 3, just contact Dell Peripherals or whomever as you'll need to order the internal Drac card for them, pop the case, remove a plastic fan cover (i believe) then slot it in.

    Drac 4 is for the new models only as far as I'm aware, I hadn't heard of them being backward compatiable with the older models. As suggested above, have your sales guy get a tech on the phone to look up the hardware to give you an answer that you can hold them to.

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