I have a community based site I have been developing for the past three months.
I am building this site as a hobby and also for the community around
which it is built. I am not charging anyone any type of membership fees
to be part of the site, however I will be accepting donations and possibly
running banner ads (hope I don't have to) to help with the costs. I also have
a side business with a completely different name I would like to host along-side
the community site so I can manage my Internet sites via one place, but with
two different names (Multiple Site Hosting?).

Price: $25-$75/Month

//Space Requirements//
300-500MB Storage
15-50GB Bandwidth
128MB Ram
Unlimited POP/IMAP Email Accounts
Unlimited Mailing Lists
Unlimited Email Responders
Unlimited Email Aliases and Forwards
Multiple Domain Hosting
5-10 MySQL Databases
24/7 Monitoring and Tech Support
Automated Patches and Updates
Nightly Backups
Guaranteed Server Resources

//Server Requirements//
Root access
Reboot Ability
Virtual or Private Server
RedHat 7.1
OpenSSL Secure Server
PHP 4, PERL 5, PYTHON Scripting Tools
phpMyAdmin Web MySQL Control Panel
Sendmail w/Spam Filters & SMTP Auth
Ensim or Plesk Preferred
Backup & Restore Tools
Downloadable Backups

//Other Requirements//
Web Based Email Client
Web Based DNS Management
Web Based File Management
Web Based User Management
Analog & Webalizer Site Statistics
OpenSSH Server
Web Based SSH Client

Who's the man and what price am I looking at? I've seen deals that have this and more at 'Remarkable' and 'Tera-Byte' but
I like to shop around!