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    TekTonic - Managed or Un-managed, Un-metered VPS starts at $7.50/mo!

    TekTonic has the following special running.

    50% off the first month of any VPS service. Managed and un-managed, Un-metered accounts starting as low as $15 per month ($7.50 for the first month) for un-managed and $40 per month ($20 for the first month) for a fully managed account.

    We honor an industry leading 90 day money back guarantee. With this combination your out of pocket expenses to try are service are very low. That is how confident we are that you will enjoy our service.

    What makes a TekTonic VPS different than the others?

    - Utilizing the true 64-bit processing power of Intel Xeon processors.
    - Un-Metered bandwidth, never have another overage charge again!
    - Route optimized and fully redundant network to only the top internet backbones (MCI/Sprint/AT&T/Level 3/Savvis).
    - 24x7x365 Live chat support.
    - Managed and un-managed plans:
    -- Managed: We will provide full support. This service is optimal for those who don't want the hassle of keeping their server up to date, fixing any problems, and need help with the day to day tasks of managing their server. You will receive direct access to level 3 engineers.
    -- Un-managed: If you don't need support then why pay for it? This service is perfect for the experienced user.
    - Hardware RAID-10 using SATA II provides superior performance under heavy load.
    - SLM memory method. This is a feature new to Virtuozzo., No longer do you need to worry about depleting a single resource out of the 20 that the older UBC OpenVZ method uses.

    Currently, Virtuozzo SLM is capable of ensuring that

    - memory usage by each VPS doesn't exceed its memory limit;
    - average memory usage by each VPS doesn't exceed its average limit;

    Host with confident, host with TekTonic!

    Test IP: (for ping/traceroute)

    Lowest priced un-managed:
    256MB Dedicated RAM
    10GB Disk Space
    Dual Processors
    1.0 Mbit Unmetered (equiv. 320GB)
    1 IP Address
    Unmanaged Support
    $15/mo - Free Setup

    Lowest priced managed:
    Quick Start
    256MB Dedicated RAM
    10GB Disk Space
    Dual Processors
    1.0 Mbit Unmetered (equiv. 320GB)
    2 IP Addresses
    cPanel / DirectAdmin / Plesk 8 Included
    Managed Support
    Server Security Hardening
    Firewall and Brute Force Detection Configuration
    Transfer of your existing VPS/Server
    Off-site Daily Backups
    $40/mo - Free Setup

    Find out more at
    Matt Ayres -
    Linux and Windows Cloud Virtual Datacenters powered by Onapp / Xen
    Instant Setup, Instant Scalability, Full Lifecycle Hosting Solutions

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    Do you plan to accept verified paypal accounts anytime soon. I hate to mention but since over 3 months the same reply comes " in a month or so" ...any updates since I have a VERIFIED paypal premier business account with 29 pins and need a vps/server soon.

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