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    Complex Dedicated Server Management Company needed


    Seeking to colocate several servers along with an FC based SAN with virtualized software, elsewhere Mysql clustering & combo master/slave setups and require a company you maybe able to suggest that could possibly be our SysAdmins, support & maintain the setup.

    Additionally they will need to config sw load balancers & firewalls e.g ipcop

    Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.

    Happy New Year to all


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    I would highly recomend for that type of configuration. We have worked on solutions with n3v for a number of customers with specialized configurations that they manage (s/w load balancing / firewalls, BIG nfs networks, mysql clustering, etc).

    N3v has the management, administration, and even development resources available to handle your solution form end to end.

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    If you have the technical knowledge to know that you need this stuff then you should also be the one to hire someone to run it. My initial response is that it sounds like overkill unless you are 100% sure it is required for your application.

    When you are talking about this sort of equipment you are talking about having 24x7 nonstop support available for it. In my opinion, there are few places that could provide the level of support you really need for such a setup.

    I think you would be better off buying colo space yourself and having an employee(s) of your company be available to take care of it at all hours, rather than delegate something this important to someone else who quite frankly, is just not going to be as motivated to keep things running for you.

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    I would suggest trying NEDS, they have been great!

    Chris Sousa
    csousa (at) - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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    I am happy I posted this request and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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