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    Treating an variable character as a string in MySQL

    I've got a database filled with rows that contain a field of type varchar that is technically a number that has already been formated, ie 256,039.39

    I would like to know how to treat this field as an integer for the purpose of doing a query such as

    WHERE `price` > 256,039.38

    to return the 256,039.39

    As well, I need to LIST the results in ascending integer order, not ASCII. Any clues?

    I cannot convert the formatted string to a straight integer so please do not suggest this. Thanks!!!

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    Do you like to make things difficult for yourself?

    MySQL will treat strings as floating point numbers for the purposes of comparison, provided you take out the commas:
    SELECT price, REPLACE(price, ',', '') AS real_price
    FROM table
    WHERE REPLACE(price, ',', '') > REPLACE('256,039.38', ',', '')
    ORDER BY real_price;
    Of course it would be better and safer to convert the formatted string to a straight integer... but I guess you already know that

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