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    Fedora vs CentOS


    I see that most managed dedicated hosts provide CentOS 4 these days. Not offering FreeBSD suggests that it is a bit tougher to administer, or perhaps it is rarer to find qualified engineers. But why do some hosts offer Fedora? Is this not the same Linux type system so that the commands are same as CentOS, but Fedora is less stable? Or is this old news and Fedora has come a long way now?

    Appreciate some educated thoughts.


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    I would think that it all just boils down to personal preferences. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Cent mirrors the release schedule of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux, so it's a bit more "enterprise-proven."

    Fedora is an excellent distro that has a slightly less rigid release criteria. Out of the box Fedora generally has newer versions of common applications.

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    Fedora is built around an "upgrade every 6 months" cycle. CentOS/RHEL are more stable platforms to build on.

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    Fedora is not a logical choice for a server at this point.

    Fedora basically requires upgrading to the newest version approximately every 13 months since the Fedora Legacy project just closed. After 13 months, updates for old versions of Fedora will likely be tough to come by unless something changes.

    Each Fedora release is updated with new software until it is moved into maintenance mode. Once a new Fedora release reaches the test2 stage, the Fedora release two versions before it moves into maintenance mode.
    That means that when Fedora Core 7 test2 is released, Fedora Core 5 will no longer be supported.
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    From my experience cPanel also seems to be more stable with CentOS than Fedora.

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    I use centos with my servers, I got redhat el on one server because I thought it would be better seeing as centos is the one copying it But I ended up wishing I went with centos instead for many reasons.

    What always trips me out about enterprise linux is how old the stuff is, sure stable and all but seriously how would it make it unstable to update a few things like ssl, pgp, etc; Some things are from 2003 if not older.

    Fedora is a nice os for the server and if you like running newer software you will like it. ive ran a fedora box for one of my customers for over a year now and kept it up to date and done dist upgrades when available and never had the first problem. All because it provides newer apps doesnt necessarily make it unstable But I guess its all personal preferences, any redhat based server will work for me. but when faced with the choice I choose centos everytime.

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    From personal experiance, i've found CentOS servers more stable than Fedora Core servers. Just recently we had a customer with a 4TB Storage Server running Fedora Core... needing reboots many times a month. Its been reloaded with CentOS and has been far more stable.
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    Could have been a driver issue. Such a specific thing does not mean that CentOS itself is more stable per se

    However, Fedora is a desktop-OS. Its made to run a GUI, to be updated every XX days...its just not meant to be used on a server.

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    I do believe it was an issue with the Network Card driver to be honest, however in the 30-40 Linux based servers managed, I will still stick by CentOS being alot more stable and alot more driver friendly.
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    Not to mention the Fedora Legacy project just ended, so no more long term support. Personally, I use Debian, but if I had to choose something else it would CentOS.

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    I used CentOS before, but i find their RPM packages online are outdated. Often i use Fedora to update CentOS packages. But for me i still prefer Gentoo or FreeBSD.

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