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    Arrow [UK - London] JANUARY SALE: Xen VPS: 50% off first month, more bandwidth, FREE CPanel

    Hi all,

    Happy New Year! Our January sales are now operating. All package prices have been reduced by 50% for your first month.

    All bandwidth quotas have been increased + Free CPanel for your first 3 months on all packages

    What are they?
    Virtual Private Servers (VPS), also known as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) are isolated segments of a real computer, dedicated to your needs. They act just like a dedicated server; full root access is provided, allowing you to install your own choice of software and customize the operating system however you wish. The RAM and Hard Drive space are allocated to each VPS in dedicated, unshared quantities. The CPU resources are allocated as 'weights' - the higher the value, the more CPU time is allocated.

    Why choose our virtual servers?

    • Enterprise-grade hardware
    • 99.95% Network SLA
    • Minimum specification of CPU: Dual Xeon or Pentium D 3.2GHz
    • NAS backup included
    • Full root access, giving you total control
    • No process amount limitation
    • Unlimited IP addresses subject to RIPE justification
    • Support for any Linux distribution and possibly others (please contact us)
    • Hosted on our fully redundant, multi-homed gigabit network (AS39332)
    • Servers located in our private suite within TelecityRedbus, Meridian Gate
    • Core network connectivity 2048Mbit
    • 24/7/365 support provided
    • IRC permitted*
    • CPanel available for 4.25 per month

    * IRC is permitted, however we reserve the right to revoke this privilege should a VPS receive (D)DoS attacks which have a negative impact on our service.

    Control Panels
    We can supply and install CPanel for 4.25 per month. Other Control Panels can be used, however they will need to be purchased from the respective companies. We can install most Control Panels for you upon request, free of charge. Please contact us for further details.

    To order any of the packages below, please click here and enter coupon "januarysales" when prompted.

    100 CPU weight
    64MB physical RAM
    64MB SWAP (virtual RAM)
    5GB disk space
    2GB NAS backup
    50GB data transfer

    5.00 for your first month, 9.99 thereafter
    Free setup

    200 CPU weight
    128MB physical RAM
    128MB SWAP (virtual RAM)
    10GB disk space
    4GB NAS backup
    100GB data transfer

    7.50 for your first month, 15.00 thereafter
    Free setup

    300 CPU weight
    256MB physical RAM
    256MB SWAP (virtual RAM)
    15GB disk space
    7GB NAS backup
    150GB data transfer
    8 IP addresses

    12.50 for your first month, 25.00 thereafter
    Free setup

    500 CPU weight
    512MB physical RAM
    512MB SWAP (virtual RAM)
    25GB disk space
    12GB NAS backup
    250GB data transfer

    17.50 for your first month, 35.00 thereafter
    Free setup

    700 CPU weight
    1GB physical RAM
    1GB SWAP (virtual RAM)
    50GB disk space
    25GB NAS backup
    400GB data transfer

    27.50 for your first month, 55.00 thereafter
    Free setup

    To order any of the packages above, please click here and enter coupon "januarysales" when prompted.

    If you have any queries, please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] or call 0800 0 438 247 (International callers please use +44 2380255399). Please note that all prices quoted exclude VAT at 17.5% for UK residents.

    Thanks for reading, we look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Stephen Marsh - Premium UK SSD Virtual Servers

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    May I ask what is your min required for RAM when ordering with CPanel?

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    There's no hard minimum, though I wouldn't recommend any less than 256MB physical and 256MB SWAP (VS-Intermediate). It will certainly be broken on VS-Basic.
    Stephen Marsh - Premium UK SSD Virtual Servers

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Engine
    May I ask what is your min required for RAM when ordering with CPanel?
    Not less than 256MB, epsecially if you want to host some dynamic sites

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