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    Finding the best route to solve Taiwan earthquake problem - VPN host?

    I'm running a business in Vietnam. The recent earthquake damaged many internet cables in Taiwan region, it's the primary bandwidth of us to connect to the USA.

    So far, ISP is trying to work around the problem but they predict that it'll take 2 more weeks to fix (it's down for 1 week already), it's too long for everyone on the region, who relies heavily on the Internet to do business.

    So far I'm finding dedicated servers or VPSs in Hongkong/Singapore/Japan/Europe to install VPN server to reroute the traffic to reach the US to restore the disrupted business. Do anyone has any comment on this solution - will it efficiently solve the problem? Do you suggest any provider in Hongkong/Singapore/Japan/Europe which has good bandwidth and low latency to the US?

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    Try to find PCCW they are very strong in Asia.

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    hmmm, there are quuite a number of hongkong providers here, one is hostfresh

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    from what i've known there are other routes to Asia from the US
    either by way of the middle east/europe fiber or the australia fiber.
    So you can either get something out of Europe hosting, it may well be the nearest to the US (if most of your businesses activities are in the US) and most likely the most stable network for now until the subterranean fibers are fixed.
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