I currently have a small project Im trying to put together for some old freinds, this project has no intention of expanding or doing anything but the overall purpose. Im seeking an experainced programmer, with C++ or Visual Basic Knowledge, who can create a Live Lobby Software that must be able to launch a specific feature, If You have experiance with creating .dll and other files, aswell as operating an efficent online server system, please contact me.

My Budget is limited, Im looking for a pretty much basic themed system with improvements possible over time, just to simply support our group needs. Please Send me a private messege with email and AiM name with profolio of active projects aswell as a flexible budget. Remember this is just for about a group of 40 people, well thanks again, I hope to find some expert programmer soon!

(ASP knowledge may be needed aswell, Im unsure of the exact needs, This project could even be done by an experianced Flash Developer with good programming skills. So If you can make a live lobby system, that dosnt need to refresh, and can be ran efficent on a server, flash or script, please feel free to contact.)

Thanks again to all,
Any questions please send me a Private messege.