With the release of Attachmax v2.1 on the way, we thought it would be a good chance for everyone to purchase the current v2.0.2 before our planned price increase for the upcoming version. Currently this Video Upload Script is the cheapest Video Script available for purchase, pricing is as follows:

$40 - 1 year license
$80 - Lifetime license + FFmpeg Installation.

The Development team has been working long and hard to produce this new version that is already one of the most fully featured Upload Scripts. It will be even more so with the introduction of v2.1
The current list of features can be seen at:http://www.insom.net
Demos based on v2.0.2 can be viewed at: http://insom.net/demo

New Featured that will be released are:

- Upgrading script, that will provide a mechanism to update previous versions and future releases of the attachmax Script.

- Shared Hosting Support, which will allow Video Media to be played without the need of Conversion Software such as FFmpeg. When the time is right and you upgrade your hosting, you have the possibility to switch to the auto-conversion version.

- Rating Features, this will display votes that registered Members have voted for. Users will have the opportunity to vote for Videos, Files and to Rate Users. To increase community activity further, permissions have been created that restrict the rating process to only Registered Members.

- Profile Page, custom registration has been set up that will allow users to fill information about their Hobbies, Country, Comments, Avatar, Name and more when signing up. The profiles will be editable via User Profiles and via Admin Management.

A special feature will be geoip that will auto detect the country that a user is signing on from.
This fits in well with a feature planned that will allow admin to limit advertisements to selected countries.

- Perl Progress Meter, this will give more widespread support for Shared Hosting to use a Progress Meter. Admin will now have the opportunity to decide between Perl, Pure Php or Animated gif progress meter.

- User Management, You will now be able to view Users, Search, Edit and cap the speed/Thread limits of Downloads via Administration.

- Backend File Management, admin now has the ability to edit thumbnails, titles, tags, comments, search and sort through different methods.

- Conversion of Videos, Videos will now be able to be individually encoded via admin, allowing you to set the quality level that you desire.

- You will now be able to restrict uploading to registered users or to paid members via the current tariff setup which supports paypal and 2co.

- Ability to see Profile Pages for other users, that is conveniently linked to Files uploaded from the selected user.

- Support for an additional encoder, will give you a choice between FFmpeg and mencoder Software.
Mencoder is renowned for its easier installation, faster encoding and high quality at compression.

- Placeholders in templates for adsense and other advertising Publisher codes.

- Super Easy ability to change the Templates, with 1 css file controlling each of its pages. You will be able to view how the page will look in your Editor Applications such as Dreamweaver, Frontage.

- Greater Image support Images will be now be more part of the system, allowing for images to be tagged, searched, commented, have Titles, have Descriptions, bandwidth stats and be rated.

- Thumbnails can now be created via manual upload, for not only Videos but for Compressed Files and Images.

- The coding has once again been heavily modified and refactored to produce cleaner and more easier editable code.

With all these features that will be released within 2 weeks, without a doubt attachmax will be the best 'Upload Script' that money can buy.

Get yours Today, You can purchase your copy at: http://www.insom.net/buy