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Thread: VPS templates

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    VPS templates

    I use virtuozzo VPS solution for many of my clients. Until now I need to install all the programs including cpanel sim, site builder and other stuff manually. I was wondering if you guys familiar with any templates that make the entire procedure automaticly. Where I just click something and the VPS package with all the right stuff is being installed automaticly

    Same question goes for dedicated servers.

    if anyone knows how to build one, buzz me also

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    You can make a shell script that does all of this. Add in some cool checks to auto correct errors, etc. and you can really have something nice We have done so internally and it has worked out great.

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    If you document all the steps you go through when configuring a new client, you could hand that list to your coder/freelancer and have them whip up a script for you pretty fast. Sorry, but I don't know about any VPS templates.
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    Wouldn't you be able to put together an image just as easily?

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    Thread moved to VPS Forum. Title typo corrected.

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    HSPcomplete can do what your looking for, if your sellin this as a hosting solution.

    If not, you can purchase VZMC (Virtuozzo Management Console) from SWSoft (Virtuozzo) which is a Windows GUI that connects to your service node, and employs a 'right click > create' VPS based on the templates you have.

    Also has a nice QOS lookup feature, which is handy if a server is slowing down, it will show you which value you need to increase; privmpages etc
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