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    Exclamation I neeed your input!

    Does anyone have comments about one of these hosts? Because I am intrested in them
    - Priority Colocation
    - Host Packet
    - Dynasty Hosting
    - Host Monster
    - Sonic Hosting
    - Host Way
    I would be really gratefull if you guys will help me out, I am a newbie at this hosting scene.

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    I have one site with and it is a mixed bag:
    the overall performance is positive because I have experienced little to no downtime (the bots check it every 5 mn...100% up in the last 3 months).
    the owner passed away a few months ago and the new new guys needed some time to catch up with all that was going on!
    MAYwas a bad month for them because of mailserver problems. they changed it and gave customers 3 days notice: chaos!

    now everything is back up and running just fine. I was one of their harshest critics because of the mail problems but I am glad I stuck with them. oh yeah, they have a great members area

    P.M if you have any other questions

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