Funny wierd, not funny haha. I've been lurking around here for years be have never need the ability to post. The infomation contained here was so diverse and complete that I was able to answer any question I had by using the search feature. That was then.

I was finally forced to sign up as I need to send a PM to a board member. I won't name names, but in the last couple of months my webhost has gone to .... and a WHM members was offering his help in sorting out some of those issues. After reading most of his thread I believe this may be a lost cause, but I'm willing to stick it out. At least for the short term.

I tend to ramble sorry, the point I was trying to make is that I received far more information here than I was even able to get from my host's tech support. Funny thing is, I think the most helpful posts I found were by members who I believe work for my host.

Anyway, Thanks for the wealth of information contained here.