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    [Wanted] Custom Coded Layout for an arcade site - $500 budget

    I am looking for a talented artist to create a custom layout, logo, and a banner or two for an arcade site of mine. I would like to have the PSD, and layout coded to XHTML/CSS standards. It does not necessarily need to be full CSS as I may want tables; however this can be discuss in further detail with the selected designer.

    My requirements:
    - You MUST have a working portfolio online on your own domain name, no imagehosting sites, or free hosting i.e.) geocities.

    - Communication - This is extremely important to me. I can not tell you how many designers say they will design something for me, and after a few days I do not hear from them again. This is their loss, as I have a 90% chance of using them again if their work is good for repeat business.

    - Must speak English. I do not want to translate responses as this causes confusion.

    - Creativity - I have a few ideas about what I want, but I want a designer to give their input and be creative when designing the layout.

    An example of what I am looking for is:

    I do not want a copy, but I want it to be used as a reference.

    If you have the time for this project please PM me with your cost, time to completion, and link to your portfolio.

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    hi i sent u a PM

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    With that price range, I suggest maybe looking into getting a design from
    Awesome service and incredible work!

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    Thanks I will take a look. Still accepting portfolios through PM.

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