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Thread: hello to all,,

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    hello to all,,


    I am just getting started posting here,, I tried to post some stuff, but got smacked down,, ok,

    I think this forum is one of the best around for the business side of the internet, and I hope to learn alot here,,,, I do web design, and development, although my work might be novice compared to some I have seen here,, well we all got to start somewhere,,,,,,,, ok,, all for now,, lets all have a good 2007,

    ScANZoNE aka SZ

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    Hi Scan, welcome to WHT

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    UK, Northern Ireland
    welcome to the board

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    Hi scanzone, welcome to WHT...!!!!!

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    can a moderator help me out, and tell me why I can not post anything such as links or pics? I have work I want to post, but can not? I think I have 5 posts but my post count says 0,, any help will be appreciated


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