URL: Jokes-N-Stuff - http://www.jokes-n-stuff.com
Age of site: two years old.
Traffic stats:
From Webalizer for May 2002:
Total Hits 78236
Total Files 68956
Total Pages 22957
Total Visits 15579
Total KBytes 697444

Three days are missing from this because I changed hosts.

Price is $500 or more.

Revenue per month depends on how much effort and advertising is done. I made $50.00 in pop-ups last month. I did Fastclick Invue this month and things are looking up.

Other data:

This site is for sale on eBay at:

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Here is what you get when you buy the site:

Website: You get the entire website!

Domain Name: You get jokes-n-stuff.com.

Free Hosting: The hosting is paid through August, so you will have no additional investment.

Graphics and Logos: You become owner of all the graphics used to publicize the site.

30 Days Consultation: I will be available via email to answer any questions you have for 30 days after the sale.

This is a very easy site to maintain.