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    Racksaver 2 server in 1U thing

    I've been searching for a good colocation server for the past few days. I saw some anti-Racksaver posts in here, but has anyone tried the RS1200 2 server in 1u system? It's two seperate systems (, and it seems possible to use SCSI and dual processors too.

    Are they reliable at all? Or are they just like the other Racksaver systems they sell? What would someone use one of those for?
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    This is not new at all, considering there have been others that have custom produced similar setups. One of them based in the U.K. did that then dropped it in place of their Samurai Blade Server product.

    Basically, it does the same thing and supported up to 1.2 Ghtz and 1Gb memory which were using standard products instead of custom stuff only like those such as RLX does.

    Only worry about those is the heat problems, especially with amd versions.

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