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    ICDSoft Problems 1/2/2007

    What happened to the ICDSoft thread here?

    All of my sites are still down. Anyone have any idea what the issue is and when it might be respolved, since I can't seem to open a ticket with them right now?

    Thanks for any info,

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    If you are already a client of ours, please do not submit this form! Contact "" instead to get a quick response!

    Did you try contacting them?

    There is a notice on their site:

    "Currently, there are connectivity problems within the network of our US upstream provider - SAVVIS, and all servers in our US datacenter cannot be reached. More..."
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    The suresupport site was down when I posted this message. Thanks for the updated. I will contact suresupport for an ETA.


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    There is a thread on this issue in "Providers and Network Outages and Updates" forum, and I will try to post there updates for all WHT users.

    Zafir Slavov

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