Hi Guys,

I have a client who is currently running an e-commerce website, its been established for afew years, and has approx 3000 products. Recently they revamped the site and now it will have mp3 sample downloading (Approx 600-700 sample mp3s) and video sample downloading (around 50 avi files at around 15mb each).

Now, currently he is on a shared hosting enviroment and I don't think it's ideal to have such a site on a shared host so I suggested to move over to dedicated. This is where I need some suggestions on a good host. He wants the best service, but at the same time not too expensive (£50-£100). Note that for now he won't need a top range host as the site has been down for afew months so he's probably lost a considerable amount of purchases/potentials. So maybe for the first few months he will require an 'average' host and when the needs increase the host will need to be upped too.