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    Scrambling text for security

    I have a link on a site as follows:

    This url is obviously going to appear in the browser window's Address bar, when the person reaches the destination page.

    Is there any way to have it change the url so that the kw=test does not appear? Please bear in mind that I will not be able to change the link that the person clicks since it is with an advertising company.



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    Unless you can send a POST request instead of GET, or set cookies, no.

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    its very easy to can change POST requests as well. cookies can be tampered with as well pretty easily too.

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    i mean with the variable kw=test, you want that $kw to be passed through the index.php. of course setting cookies on the server side with session in php should do the trick but it has to be passed before going to the index.php. or just a simple POST will also do the trick.

    like doc_flabby mentioned things can be tampered, so you just need to review your code and make sure you minimize the risk.
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