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    AMD Athlon 2000 - Can it run my sites?

    I was looking at the AMD Athlon 2000 server from It is on sale for only $45, which seems like a very good deal. It has 512 mb ram, a 120 gig harddrive, AND a free 30 domain plesk license.
    My websites have a few forums with about 500 users total, but there are not too many online at once. My site also has a few PHP dynamic image generators. They generate small images, but have around 3 million hits a month. Other than that, there isn't much that uses lots of resources.
    I'd like to use Lighttpd, but for Plesk, I need to use Apache. Could this handle it?

    I could also get a Intel Celeron 2 for the same price, but I doubt it would be better than the AMD.

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    The AMD should be fine with a bit of optimization, although 1GB ram would be better.

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    You would definately need the 1gb ram

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    I would say if you're getting 3 million hits a month, thats 100,000 page views per day, if its php/sql based. I'd say you need a Intel P4 2.8GHz at least, you would need more than 512mb ram as said above.
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    The 3 million hits are to my dynamic image generators, which only use PHP. The only part that uses mySQL are the forums.
    How would a AMD Sempron 2.4 with 1 gig of ram be? The Sempron would not come with a control panel, so I would probably use Lighttpd. I know lighttpd really helps because I got a dynamic image generator that kept crashing Apache to run fine with Lighttpd on a Celeron with 256 MB ram.
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    3Million hits on an image is not much, even if it has a small PHP script behind it. On a P4 2.4Ghz I currently run a (PHP) website that gets about 4-5 Million page views....and each page has 2-10 images on it. It does have 1GB ram though.

    But you'd probably should look for some reviews on the AMD, I dont know how it compares to the P4. Especially since the AMD runs on 1.6 or 1.8Ghz or so.

    By the way, you can use Plesk and run Lighttpd on a secondary IP. Both Plesk and Lighttpd can then work off the same content (pages, images), but with the DNS you can select which IP (and thus which webserver) is being used

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    I'm running a pally 2000+ right now, stock speed is 1.67GHz . It's performance is better than a non-HT P4 northwood at 2GHz. It should run fine for your needs.

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