Hello, I have purchased an unmaganed VPS server package from A2B2 in UK.

I am running a UDP server and seem to have packets dropped regularly. The thing is that clients are connected, the connection goes fine and say after 15 minutes, all packets will be dropped for a period of 50 seconds or so. I'm running a small gameserver (just routing the data, very low CPU usage) and in the logs I can see all the timeouts for all the clients. When the packets start getting dropped, I disconnect (as a client to the server), and then it gets back working without any problems in a minute or two.

The server software is working totally fine and doesn't give any errors, it's a network thing. I had asked for help in A2B2 but all I got was that I should flush iptables rules (which I did (? hopefully worked?)) and see how it goes. The package comes with basic support, which is what I'm to get, not expecting more

So does anybody have any idea what I should do, or what is happening? I don't want clients disconnecting all the time because it simpl ruins their game.
As far as I got from Debian users, the network router might be in trouble or anything like that.

Also, I don't remember where now, there was some command to list all the memory information (in /proc/), and in there I saw many packets "having failed", say about 160k of them, which turns me to thinking that this is kernel's fault.

Should I compile that software on the actual server (It is running 2.6.9 RHEL kernel), while I compiled on 2.6.16 Debian kernel? I'm running Debian etch on both the server and compilation systems meaning that the libraries are all fine.

Thank You.