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    * Do you like to start/develop VPS/Dedicated server business?


    If you are interested in starting/developing VPS/Dedicated/shared Server business and looking around for some ideas/technical help, I can assist you. I have been in the server administration field for a pretty long time. I really respect WHT, mods and all of you!!! I would like to offer low-cost server administration to show my extended support for the "ROCK"ing WHT.

    See some of my testimonials here:

    Starting/Maintaining the VPS/Dedicated business.

    1) Install/configure VPS softwares like VZ/OpenVZ/Xen/Vmware.
    2) Install and configure HyperVM.
    3) Secure and optimize the main node.
    4) Install Cpanel (Linux), Plesk (Linux and Windows), webmin and Helm CP
    5) Optimize every individual VPS according to the configuration.
    6) Troubleshooting issues related with the VPS.
    7) Kernel Upgrades.

    Windows servers (VPS/Dedicated)

    Install Service Pack.
    Optimize the server according to the server hardware.
    Setup IPsec rules according to the needs.
    Install Antivirus
    Install and configure necessary softwares/modules (Third party).
    Php/Mysql Upgrade and installing necessary php modules
    Install Control panels - Plesk & Helm.
    Install and configure mail servers like MailEnable, Mirac etc.
    Configure IIS
    Installation of third party softwares.
    Install and configure Backup softwares like Box Backup, Acronis etc.

    Linux Servers (VPS/Dedicated)

    Control Panels - Cpanel, Plesk & Webmin.
    APF Firewall Installation
    Secure /tmp and /var/tmp
    Disable insecure PHP Functions
    Disable telnet and direct root logins
    Root login email alerts
    Brute Force Detection
    Hardening /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf
    Sysctl.conf hardening and tuning
    mod_security apache Installation
    Daily security scans setup (chkrootkit and rkhunter)
    System Integrity Monitor
    Mask apache, exim, and named versions
    Disable unused and insecure services
    Limit get, fetch, and compiler use
    Update apache, cPanel, and other system software
    Linux Socket Monitor
    PAM Resource Limiting
    Apache, MySql Tweaking (according to the server hardware)
    Iftop Installation and configuration
    MRTG installation and configuration
    Install/Configure other third party softwares upon request.

    If you are interested, please PM me or email [email protected] so that I will get back to you shortly.

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    Here comes the Pricelist

    Install & Configure OpenVZ/Xen with HyperVM - $40 per server
    Install & Configure Vmware (Windows) - $35 per server
    Securing Cpanel/Plesk/Webmin server - $25 per server
    Windows server securing and optimizing - $35 per server
    Kernel upgrades - $15 per server

    Administration works - $15 per hour.

    Please let me know if you are interested.

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