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    Selling : Blog + Merchant Account + $56 Revenue

    I am selling my blog.


    Merchant Account: 2Checkout Credit card processing account is also included in this blog.

    Revenue: Last Month I made total sales of $56 and I use 2Checkout account to receive credit card payments. This money is still in 2checkout account. You will receive it with the purchase of this blog.

    Advertisement & Traffic : This blog mainly receives traffic from Pay per click search engines. However I stopped advertising this website. Because I am not interested in this blog anymore.


    Business Model: I setup this blog to sell different kinds of products such as handmade items, bed spreads, domain names etc.... I often use eBay to advertise & sell these products.

    Price: $79

    Payment Option

    You will pay me using your credit card. (Through Western Union or Money Gram Website). If you never use any of this service before. I 'll help you to complete payment process.

    If you are interested please let me know as soon as possible. I want to sell this blog within a day or two.
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    I also want you to know that you are paying less than the actual value of this website. Here is the total value of this blog.

    Merchant Account (one time fee) : $49
    Webhosting : $3.95
    Domain Name : $7.99
    Revenue in 2Co Account : $56
    Total: $116.94
    ...And you are paying only $79
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    are you sure 2checkout accounts are transferable?
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    I just can’t get that.
    Why are you selling it if you are getting revenue from it???

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    Yes account is transferable I read their TOS. I am working on a different project. That's why don't have time for this. Besides these days i am testing a different way to promote affiliate programs which takes a lot of my time. If this new method proves to be a success who needs to care about this blog revenue.

    I don't wanna waste this blog and merchant account this is why i am selling it less than cost.
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